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I was born in Charlottesville, Virginia but, grew up in Dayton, Ohio before returning to Virginia in 1977 to complete high school at Chatham Hall where I fell in love with the Blue Ridge region.
My college years were spent at Tulane University in New Orleans, amidst the bounty of great food, culture, phenomenal architecture and jazz, where I majored in Communications. I participated in an intensive Journalism Institute at Stanford University in California for a summer where I focused on writing and editing skills. I spent a semester in Lugano, Switzerland and a part of a summer traveling through Europe, taking photographs as memories.
Avoiding cold weather, I attended the University of South Carolina for a Masters degree in Journalism (focused on Photojournalism).
My career has been in Photojournalism working at The Dayton Daily News (Dayton, Ohio) internship, The Sun News, (Myrtle Beach,SC) and 33 years with The Roanoke Times (Roanoke, VA.). I also freelance for local and National publications. I taught Photography for 17 years, moonlighting at Virginia Western Community College. Now, I’m in my 3rd year teaching Commercial Photography/Fine Art Photography, full-time at William Fleming High School (9-12 grades).

Artist Statement:

“Do what you love and the rest will follow,” is the motto I follow but, I don’t know to whom to attribute the quote. 
 Curiosity has driven my work. I always want to continue to learn about people, places, cultures, science and everything else I know little about. The camera has given me license to explore. It has provided a gateway into people’s lives and places I never knew I’d have an interest.

Photography is the gift that keeps on giving and it gives back. As Henri Cartier-Bresson, the famous French, Magnum Agency photographer expressed, it’s the desire to “Capture the Decisive Moment and be able to say, “yes, yes yes,” because you know you have encapsulated the essence of the event or emotion, preserved a moment in time.
I feel a photograph should capture all the senses. My philosophy and hope the viewer will experience what I’ve experienced vicariously through my images.